Product Case Studies

Product case studies focused on great stories from designers openly sharing their design process.

Designing a video creation platform

Sascha, currently a design lead at Any.Do, shares his process for designing a video creation platform for Also worth checking out his other case studies, which include a VR Gallery for Daydream app.

Democratizing access to bike maps

Cristiano shares his process for designing an open platform to democratize access to bike maps of Brazilian cities.

Productivity Tracker App

Ilija shares how he imagines an ideal productivity tracker would look and feel like.

The Safest and Easiest Way to Use the Internet

Judit and Matt give you insight into their UX process in re-designing a VPN service.

Burner for Android

Lex Roman is specialised in Growth Design and shares her process trough interesting case studies in her portfolio. I also recommend taking a look at her blog, if your interested in the field of Growth Design.

The Design of ConvertKit Over the Years

I've been following Nathan Barry for a while and listened to several interviews, it started as a true maker story and evolved into what it is today; a multimillion-dollar business. In this case study, Nathan describes all his iterations from 2013 to 2018.

Social and Discovery Mobile App for Action Sport Lovers

Natalie walks us through her process for designing the user experience of a niche based social media and discovery platform.

Putting Usability Ahead of Expressivity

Rachel shares her process of designing a meal-planning app. Structured into two parts, and this final part shows how important user testing and feedback is to your design process.

Shine Bank 80% Conversion Onboarding

An interesting case study on growth design. Arnaud explains how his team on Shine creates trust with users and achieve 80% conversion from their onboarding experience.

Impact  —  A Crypto Platform

Eftakher shows us his step-by-step process of designing a crypto platform.

From Idea to App Store

Robert Cooper shares his process of how he designed, built and launched his idea into the App Store.

Resume Maker Side Project

There's nothing like a good maker case study. A lot of great products start as side projects and learning how people do it is inspiring to kickstart your own ideas.

Carrd: The Making Of

This indie project is such an inspiring story. AJ, the maker, has documented the whole process from idea to launch.

There are a few UX lessons in this case study, and if you're into coding, there's some of that for you as well. Thanks to Jake for this excellent tip.

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