UX Design Case Studies

User experience case studies focused on great stories from designers openly sharing their design process.

Reimagine the future of television

Abdus shares how he and his team set out to solve the problem of content fragmentation in the world of TV.

Adventure Activity Meta-search Engine

Pankhil goes in-depth in his conceptual case study of a travel marketplace.

Africa’s Largest Mobile Broadband Provider

An unsolicited redesign by Victor, who has set out to enhance the user experience of Africa's largest mobile ISP.

DeskView Website

Rainfall has documented their work behind the website for DeskView. A fresh looking product and a great site.

Space Design System

Prathiba’s portfolio is a poster child for how a UX portfolio should look and feel. Few (four), but concise case studies and an interesting about story. Worth a look.

Unlimited from Postmates

Samihah Azim (pronounced ‘sɑ: me: hɑ:), designer at Lyft, shares her process involved in designing Postmates Unlimited.

Designing the Flexbox Inspector

Mozilla has been stepping up their browser game lately. Victoria give us an inside look about her process for designing the inspector tool in Firefox.

Designing Accessible Escape Hatches for Modals

Linzi Berry has written and illustrated a great dos and don'ts guide for exit icons.

Netflix Discovery Experience

Most of you have probably binged some Netflix. I know I have. Faraz shows his take on an unsolicited redesign of Netflix. Some interesting concepts here like a social aspect. It's not unlikely Netflix will implement a feature like that.

Pears to Pairs

Milan and her class got challenged by VC firm Matter and Facebook to take on Media consumption among teens. This is a long format case study in two parts explaining Milan and her team's process and solution.

Moment Brew

Jihoon and his team expose augmented reality in their graduate thesis. Glad to see AR being experimented with and I suspect we'll see a lot more of this in 2019. AR/UX designer next?

Bringing the Breathe App From watchOS to iOS

Daniel has a fascinating concept for an iOS version of the watchOS app called Breathe. We could all use a deep breath in these hectic times.

Creating a Build Mode for InVision’s Mobile App

An unsolicited design challenge and solution by David Oliver. Sharing his design process used to implement a new (and cool) feature in InVision's mobile app.

Smart 24 – Safe Traveling

App redesign to help "danger as default" travelers stay safe in the world’s most hostile places.

Redesigning Google Classroom

Making Google Classroom the optimal tool for helping students become better writers.

Redesign Concept of a Public Transportation App

A redesign concept, simplifying Dubai metro transactions. I'm a public transportation user, and I’d like to try this.

Redesign of a Canadian Lifestyle App

Redesigning Drop, a Canadian deal service. An in-depth and solid case study by Felipe Cepero.

Google interaction design challenge tips

Johny Vino is back with yet another case study. This time he takes on one of the interaction design challenges from Google.

Optimizing landing pages

Hugo Jenkins submitted this insightful case study and details how he optimized a landing page for conversion.

Improving an Internal System for Borrowing Books

Natalia Jach shares her process of how her company gave life to their library and made it more accessible to their employees.

Smart Dashboard For Better Decision

Istiko Rahadi shares his process for designing an intelligence dashboard, to improve the efficiency of relationship managers.

Using Design Sprints to Solve a Problem

Erick Gavin explains how he utilized design sprints at UX boot camp to come up with a prototype that improves users well being.

New York Times x Google Maps

An unsolicited case study by Jason Branch and his team. Merging NYT content (or any relevant content for that matter) with Google Maps is an interesting idea.

Prototyping a Smoother Map

If you like technical case studies this is great. Antin Harasymiv, a UX Engineer at Google, share a glimpse into how Google Maps works.

Explaining a complex financial product using animation

It's no doubt that moving image is taking over the web. GIFs belong in the past... This case study explains how to go from GIFs to animated SVGs.

From Hackathon to Hire

Talentbite is an online platform for the candidates in search of a job (actively or passively) and companies providing jobs.

Now Mobile App

Now is a location-based social dating app that makes it easier than ever before for people to meet and enjoy real offline experiences at millions of public venues worldwide.

Repeat Roses

Social impact-meets-sustainability. Repeat Roses removes, restyles and delivers floral arrangements to people in the community (hospitals, shelters, and charities). Repeat Roses recollects the flowers one last time for composting in order to divert waste from landfills.

The ultimate guide to animation in UX

Animations play a significant role in UX. When the timing is right, it can enhance the experience multiple times.

This is probably one of the most in-depth interface animation guides I've ever seen.

Carousels on Mobile Devices

We've all been tempted to use a carousel to save space on mobile devices, I know I'm guilty of it.

Nielsen Norman Group has put together a nice case study on the use of carousels on mobile devices.

Why redesigns don’t make users happy

Vitaly Dulenko shares his insights and opinion on the topic of a redesign.

He goes on to detail human psychology and how to make the transition a good experience for your users.

Building for 30 million applicants

Susan Lin shares her process of how she and her team designed the application process used by 30 million people.

What seems like a simple questionnaire, is made complex when balancing strict policies, business goals, and user experience.

Her portfolio also showcases two other exciting case studies from Treehouse and Trulia.

A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want

Asking the right questions will make you and your work more confident. This is a deep dive into the minds of the designers behind one of the worlds most acclaimed newspapers; NY Times.

The Most Important Feature Amazon is Not Launching

Business versus user experience design. Why Amazon is holding back on creating the best possible experience for you.

How to design user-friendly and business effective cancellation process

In most cases, a product that serves users has some business behind it. That means business sometimes is the basis of great user experience design.

Business design is on the rise, and I think we'll see more UX designers becoming business oriented in the next couple of years.

If you're looking to level up your business design skills, the Beyond Users Podcast is an excellent source for learning about this hot topic.

I particularly enjoyed the talk with François Chartrand at Headspace, where they go into details of his case study called "So, your product’s got a leaky bucket problem…".

Why Redesign the Dropbox Logo? Design Master Brian Collins Explains

If you're into branding, this video interview on YouTube is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Collins design studio has done some amazing work for Dropbox, Airbnb, and Spotify, just to name a few.

Collins talks about context, musicality and surprise factor in branding. It's over one hour long, so make sure you grab your popcorn.

"The old school way of looking at branding is pretty dead."
— Collins

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