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UX Case Study Collection

How Spotify organises work

Spotify recently adopted Figma as their main design and prototyping tool. In this case study they openly share their reasoning behind it, how they went about it (including challenges), and their experience from the entire switch.

Designing a video creation platform

Sascha, currently a design lead at Any.Do, shares his process for designing a video creation platform for Also worth checking out his other case studies, which include a VR Gallery for Daydream app.

Applying user research to a small e-commerce website

Because of the situation we're in, e-commerce is booming right now, and I thought it might be useful to cover ta few case studies on the subject. In this one, Tiago shares his initial process for redesigning an e-commerce site for a small Portuguese shirt tailor. Although the case study is a few years old, his methods are evergreen and to the point.

The Current State of Checkout UX

During Baymard's 9 years of large-scale checkout usability testing, they have consistently found the checkout design and flow to frequently be the sole cause for users abandoning their cart during the checkout flow. In this report, Baymard shares all their research findings and 18 common pitfalls to avoid in the UX of checkout.

Democratizing access to bike maps

Cristiano shares his process for designing an open platform to democratize access to bike maps of Brazilian cities.

Reimagine the future of television

Abdus shares how he and his team set out to solve the problem of content fragmentation in the world of TV.

Productivity Tracker App

Ilija shares how he imagines an ideal productivity tracker would look and feel like.

Adventure Activity Meta-search Engine

Pankhil goes in-depth in his conceptual case study of a travel marketplace.

The Safest and Easiest Way to Use the Internet

Judit and Matt give you insight into their UX process in re-designing a VPN service.

Africa’s Largest Mobile Broadband Provider

An unsolicited redesign by Victor, who has set out to enhance the user experience of Africa's largest mobile ISP.

Space Design System

Prathiba’s portfolio is a poster child for how a UX portfolio should look and feel. Few (four), but concise case studies and an interesting about story. Worth a look.

Unlimited from Postmates

Samihah Azim (pronounced ‘sɑ: me: hɑ:), designer at Lyft, shares her process involved in designing Postmates Unlimited.

Burner for Android

Lex Roman is specialised in Growth Design and shares her process trough interesting case studies in her portfolio. I also recommend taking a look at her blog, if your interested in the field of Growth Design.

Designing the Flexbox Inspector

Mozilla has been stepping up their browser game lately. Victoria give us an inside look about her process for designing the inspector tool in Firefox.

DeskView Website

Rainfall has documented their work behind the website for DeskView. A fresh looking product and a great site.

Designing Accessible Escape Hatches for Modals

Linzi Berry has written and illustrated a great dos and don'ts guide for exit icons.

UX Designer Portfolio Website

UX Designer Portfolio Websites

One of your first step in applying for any kind of job is making sure your portfolio is in good shape. These 19 hand-selected UX designer portfolio websites will inspire you when making your own.

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UX Designer Resume Examples

UX Designer Resume Examples

This list of 21 inspiring UX designer resumes (includes resumes from Google designers) will help you determine where to set the bar for youself.

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