Brand Case Studies

Brand case studies focused on great stories from designers openly sharing their design process.

Creating Slack's Illustration Voice

An amazingly visual and detailed case study by Alice, the creator of Slack's illustrative voice.

Microsoft's New Modern Look

Redesign of the Office app icons to embrace a new world of work. Microsoft is killing it right now with their design direction, both hardware, and software. At this rate, they'll surpass the "other" company in a not so distant future.

How to redesign a 175-year-old newspaper

Phil Kenny and Stephen Petch walk us through the redesign process of the economist news publication.

Finding the Real Typeform [Video]

In contrast to the Evernote case study, Typeform shows the power of total brand redesign. They’ve shifted their language towards a targeted audience.

Resembles the bold statement Dropbox did with their re-brand. I love it (hint: We’re their new target audience).

Award-Winning Brand for Adobe Live

Adobe Live is a great resource for learning about what goes on behind designers screens. This case study reveals the thinking behind their ideas of consistent use in their new brand.

Ever Better: Refreshing the Evernote Brand

Evernote has been around forever and was long the winner amongst the sea of note taking apps. This case study details their new brand. A perfect example of evolution, not revolution.

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5 Case Studies of Big Brands Evolving in 2018

In 2018 we saw a lot of big brands evolve into something new. These curated rebranding case studies all show their new strategic brand direction.

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