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UX Case Study Collection

Emulation Is Not a Product Strategy

Jesse Weaver has a fascinating take on YouTube's new business decision that opens up their premium content for free (with ads of course).

3 UX Takeaways from Redesigning Google Translate

Pendar Yousefi walks us through his team's design process and decisions surrounding the redesign of Google Translate.

Netflix Discovery Experience

Most of you have probably binged some Netflix. I know I have. Faraz shows his take on an unsolicited redesign of Netflix. Some interesting concepts here like a social aspect. It's not unlikely Netflix will implement a feature like that.

Pears to Pairs

Milan and her class got challenged by VC firm Matter and Facebook to take on Media consumption among teens. This is a long format case study in two parts explaining Milan and her team's process and solution.

Moment Brew

Jihoon and his team expose augmented reality in their graduate thesis. Glad to see AR being experimented with and I suspect we'll see a lot more of this in 2019. AR/UX designer next?

The Design of ConvertKit Over the Years

I've been following Nathan Barry for a while and listened to several interviews, it started as a true maker story and evolved into what it is today; a multimillion-dollar business. In this case study, Nathan describes all his iterations from 2013 to 2018.

Bringing the Breathe App From watchOS to iOS

Daniel has a fascinating concept for an iOS version of the watchOS app called Breathe. We could all use a deep breath in these hectic times.

Social and Discovery Mobile App for Action Sport Lovers

Natalie walks us through her process for designing the user experience of a niche based social media and discovery platform.

Shine Bank 80% Conversion Onboarding

An interesting case study on growth design. Arnaud explains how his team on Shine creates trust with users and achieve 80% conversion from their onboarding experience.

Creating a Build Mode for InVision’s Mobile App

An unsolicited design challenge and solution by David Oliver. Sharing his design process used to implement a new (and cool) feature in InVision's mobile app.

Creating Slack's Illustration Voice

An amazingly visual and detailed case study by Alice, the creator of Slack's illustrative voice.

When Android Is a Better Way To Start?

A side-by-side comparison of the difference in users of Android and iOS backed up with data references.

Putting Usability Ahead of Expressivity

Rachel shares her process of designing a meal-planning app. Structured into two parts, and this final part shows how important user testing and feedback is to your design process.

Why Most Redesigns Fail

"People don’t like changes." Girish does a fantastic job at explaining how to get redesigns right by avoiding crucial mistakes. Learn from other people failures.

Microsoft's New Modern Look

Redesign of the Office app icons to embrace a new world of work. Microsoft is killing it right now with their design direction, both hardware, and software. At this rate, they'll surpass the "other" company in a not so distant future.

Impact  —  A Crypto Platform

Eftakher shows us his step-by-step process of designing a crypto platform.

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