Best of 2018

UX Design Case Studies

Celebrating Designers Openly Sharing Their Process.


A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want

Asking the right questions will make you and your work more confident. This is a deep dive into the minds of the designers behind one of the worlds most acclaimed newspapers; NY Times.

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Unboxing Chrome

You've probably seen the latest Chrome update by now. Hannah Lee, a designer at Google, explains the process behind their new looks. Including the boxed-to-rounded implementation.

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Designing New Ways to Give Context to News Stories

Jeff and his team share their process for coming up with a great solution to the fake news problem on Facebook. Could potentially play a big role in important moments such as elections.

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Let’s Redesign the Entire Platform, They Said...

An in-depth look at what a platform redesign process looks like. From pivoting to a completely new product to redesigning the entire backend to fit the new strategic move.


Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle Choices

An unsolicited case study by Max and his team, covering their sprint process in making health a priority for people.


Flip — Everyone’s Sneaker Connect

Ales presents the work he and his team did for Flip; a platform for sneakerheads. He goes above and beyond sharing his process and insights with the community.


MailChimp Continuous Onboarding

A short and to the point case study by Shuli, explaining her process for improving the user experience of the Mailchimp dashboard.


Learn Positive Thinking With a Mobile App

A conceptual case study covering Kasia’s process behind an app that improves positive thinking to combat depression.


Charity App  —  Payment Flow

Johny takes us on his journey from concept to prototyping his idea of a charity app. Making the payment experience as flawless as possible.


Reading Experience Filters Concept

Daniel shares how a concept for a better reading experience could be executed through the use of typography, that could be matched with different content styles.


The Journey, Not the Destination

Claudio Guglieri, formerly Creative Director at Microsoft, just launched his IGTV series called "The Journey, not the destination". In it, he covers his entire design process presented in bite-sized video episodes.


Designing for Open Source Software

“We all believe open source software is badly designed because, historically, it was.” Varun shares his process of making this claim false, once and for all.


Lowering the Barrier to Entry of Medicine

An insightful case study by Morgan, who helped double his client sales through UX design across multiple projects. This is one part of the full picture.


How Google created a custom Material theme

Google themselves showcase their newly improved Material theme, implemented across their entire product suite.


UI Design for a Food Ordering Application

Tubik shows how a burger ordering app should be executed. In this case study, they share their entire process from initial client requirements to a final delivered product.