Remote UX Design Jobs
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A curated list of the latest remote UX design jobs and all the resources you need to get started as a remote UX designer in the tech industry.

How to Find Remote UX Design Jobs?

Job boards are generally speaking the best way to find open positions. Another great way is to network and talk to people that already work as remote UX designers, and pick up a conversation. You never know where that could lead. Make sure to check out the resources section to further expand your knowledge on remote work.

What Is an Average Remote UX Designer Salary?

The low-end of a remote UX designer salary is ~$84K, and the high-end is ~$174K. That would make the average wage come in at ~129K. The high-end is leading positions, so the average salary is probably a little bit lower than ~129K. These numbers are calculated based on both ends average from the companies listed on this page, using Glassdoor as a source.

Is It Possible To Get UX Design Internships?

Yes, it's possible. Some remote companies offer remote internships. However, internships are heavily based on high-touch feedback, so I would advise trying to get an onsite internship if possible. However, if that's not an option, remote internships is your next best option.

Is It Possible to Work Part-time as a Remote UX Designer?

Yes. In fact, it's a great way to supplement your freelance career with say a 50% remote position. That way you'd get a stable income stream at the beginning of your freelance career. Or if you want to work on a side project, but cannot afford to go all-in, a part-time remote position is a perfect way to get that base income.

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