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Top 20 UX Designer Portfolio Websites in 2024

January 24, 2024

A personal UX designer portfolio website is a way for you to be yourself and tell your story. Here you'll find top 20 hand-selected portfolios that will inspire you when building your own.

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You've spent hours on projects and are finally ready to show the world.

It's both an exciting and terrifying feeling. The creative journey is pretty weird that way.

Luckily, you're a designer and will overcome any problem coming your way. It's in your DNA.

When done right, your portfolio website will work for you as your agent 24/7. It will help get your name out and score your interviews.

Get inspired by these 20 hand-selected UX designer portfolios

Buzz UsbornePportfolio Website

Buzz Usborne

Currently working as a Principal Designer at Help Scout. Previously he has led design at companies like Atlassian, Skype and Campaign Monitor. Buzz advise leadership teams on building sustainable and collaborative design practices — and help organizations attract design talent to ensure their team’s continued success. He specialize in remote collaboration, career progression and nuturing efficient, creative and happy teams.

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Simon Pan Portfolio Website

Simon Pan

Currently shaping the future of news at Google. Previously worked as a designer on Uber and Amazon Prime Music.

Read Simon's interview on Case Study Club here →

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Robin Noguier Portfolio Website

Robin Nogiuer

Robin is a freelance interaction designer from France and has one of the best portfolios we have seen. Incredibly engaging and polished. His case studies do not disappoint.

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Austin Knight Portfolio Website

Austin Knight

Austin works as a product designer at Google and openly shares his projects, thoughts and ideas. In addition, he has a very interesting process description that show us exactly what angle he takes in his projects.

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Jonathan Patterson Portfolio Website

Jonathan Patterson

Jonathan has worked with clients such as Postmates, Ford and Sony. He's a Detroit based designer with an unusual portfolio. He's personality shines through with humor and sarcasm, both visually and written.

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Vandana Pai Portfolio Website

Vandana Pai

Vandana is a product designer at Spotify in New York and has a calm and relaxing feel to her portfolio. It's a breeze to browse and her personality shows through the carefully selected typography and color compinations.

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Kyson Dana Portfolio Website

Kyson Dana

Kyson is a designer and art director who has worked with brands such as Tesla, Adobe and Boosted Boards just to name a few. He specialize in story telling and it definitely telling in his case studies.

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Luke James Taylor Portfolio Website

Luke James Taylor

Luke is a UX consultant and co-founder of Design Sprint X. His portfolio focuses on the value he can bring to the table and the results he has achieved for his clients.

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Ed Chao Portfolio Website

Ed Chao

Currently a designer at Dropbox. No about page here, but links extensively to social media where he can show his personality. Clean and digestible case studies, that tell his story.

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Aleksi Tappura Portfolio Website

Aleksi Tappura

A UI/UX designer specialized in prototyping. His case studies are easy to read with crisp typography. Aleksi's use of mixed turns this a great user experience.

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Ivo Mynttinen Portfolio Website

Ivo Mynttinen

A solo designer studio portfolio. Good use of screen real-estate and make use of big type. Not as in-depth, but make good use of imagery to tell his story.

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Tom Parkes Portfolio Website

Tom Parkes

Tom's work stands out in this clean and effective portfolio. His about page shows off some of his personality, without overdoing anything.

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Liz Wells Portfolio Website

Liz Wells

She works at the intersection of art and design. A lot of personality, perfectly suited for her audience.

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Karolis Kosas Portfolio Website

Karolis Kosas

Super clean, yet bursts of personality. It adds to his story. The typography leaves a trail of peculiarity and the color, a clear CTA.

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Andrew Couldwell Portfolio Website

Andrew Couldwell

Andrew knows his stuff! Probably the most qualified portfolio designer around. He has led product design at Adobe Portfolio and designing systems at WeWork.

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Anton Sten Portfolio Website

Anton Sten

A UX consultant with a content-rich portfolio. Anton is providing value to potential clients right off the bat and detailing exactly what he can help you achieve.

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Pratibha Joshi Portfolio Website

Pratibha Joshi

Pratibha is a Product designer from Seattle. Her portfolio showcases many impressive and detailed case studies. Her experimentation section shows off her curiosity and a genuine love for her craft.

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Bethany Heck Portfolio Website

Bethany Heck

Previous Head of Design at Medium. Bethany has a unique presentation, and her love for typography shines through every single part in her portfolio.

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Megan Fisher Portfolio Website

Megan Fisher

A fantastic (owltastic) personal portfolio website is showcasing a lot of style. Meagan is a designer-developer hybrid, and it shows, striking a delicate balance between personality and professionality.

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Abdus Salam Portfolio Website

Abdus Salam

A self-taught Product Designer with an impressive collection of case studies. I recommend you take a look at his "uncut & raw" page; it showcases Abdus process down to every little detail.

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This is what all 20 portfolios have in common:

One of the primary purposes of your portfolio (besides giving you exposure and a job) is to demonstrate your ability to think like a UX designer. To tell the story of how you got from point A to point B.

Use compelling storytelling as a tool to engage the user (i.e., your potential new job). Surprise them with peculiar findings.

The about section is your chance to be yourself, but don't overdo it. Remember to include a well-communicated cover letter a concise resume.

If you've nailed everything above, then there's a strong chance you'll get invited to a job interview.

If you wan't to prepare yourself, learn more about the most common job interview questions for UX designers.

Need more inspiration? 

Check out the curated UX case study gallery here.

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