Leveling Up Your Career Just Got Easier

CSC Pro is a community of UX and Product Professionals that come together to learn, connect, and level up. Everything you need to build confidence in yourself and prep for your next role.

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The next intake is expected to open in November. Membership is $49 per month.
Kickoff Call: 8th of September
"If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure and want a supportive and knowledgeable community to lean on, CSC Pro is the way to go."
Ashley Marie Quinn
Lead Product Designer at Riffyn 🇺🇸

What's Case Study Club Pro?

It's is an environment designed to ease the pain of leveling up your career alone — by making it more collaborative, practical and fun.

Whether you're working on your portfolio, writing case studies, or prepping for interviews, this is the place for you.

You'll get the accountability you need to get the job done, strengthen your self confidence, and prepare for new roles — all in a place where you can feel safe.

What You'll Get
✓ Experiment, learn and grow in a safe playground
✓ Connect with likeminded designers
✓ Create an industry standard portfolio
✓ Strengthen your self confidence
✓ Prepare for upcoming interviews or roles
✓ Get your next big job opportunity

Kenny from Google answering members questions.

AMA's with Design Leaders

Each month we host live "Ask Me Anything" sessions with design leaders from all over the world. You'll get direct access and will get answers to your specific questions around portfolios, hiring, interviews or expectations in relation to roles.

Ales Nesetril, Lead Designer at SRTV, reviewing members portfolios.

Critique Sessions

We host regular crit sessions with peers and experts. Bring your work to get unstuck or elevate the quality of your work. You'll practice to become more confident, which will help immensely in later stage interview settings.

Alex from the community sharing his portfolio pitch (that 4 weeks later landed him two offers.)

Fireside Chats

Members from the community regularly share their work and experience with everyone in the group. Learn from people who are one or two steps ahead of you — so you can avoid mistakes and fast-track your growth.

Hello from the private membership space.

Community Space

This is the heart of the community. Inside, we have meaningful conversations, share great resources and make even deeper connections. You'll also find an overview of upcoming live events and a valuable vault of recordings from past events.

Accountability Groups

Thinking about moving from IC to leadership positions? Transitioning from other professions?

There's a lot of preparation involved in a bold career move like that.

With our accountability groups, you'll get matched up with people that have similar ambitions and goals as yours.

Share ideas, best practices, strategies and tactics to speed up your journey.

Practice your presentation skills and get critiqued by your peers, so you can make sure you put your best self forward.

Susan Lin, Design Lead at Cloudflare, said her peer group taught her vital lessons that was instrumental to her career growth.

"You'll meet a lot of great people that are in your same situation and will be good long-term connections."
James Martin Touhey
Senior Product Designer at O'Reilly 🇺🇸

Previous Guests

Hang out with experts in the field and get your questions answered directly. Including a library of replays where we cover topics such as career frameworks, crushing your first 90 days in a new role, overcoming imposter syndrome and much more.


7th of June

Get clarity on what you should work on next.


9st of June

Jeff Sipe
Ex. Google Recruiter


16th of June
Multiple timeslots

Get unblocked and elevate your work.

Fireside Chat

30th of June

James Touhey
Director of Product Design at O'reilly

Sarah Gibbons

Head of design at NN/g

Josh Seiden

Co-author of Lean UX

Artiom Dashinsky

Author of Solving Product Design Exercises

Jim Salinger

Product Manager at Disney

Jeff Sipe

Former Recruiter at Google

James Touhey

Director of Product Design at O’Reilly

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the private membership space.

What Others Have To Say

I've helped more than 100+ designers on their journey. Here's what some of them have to say.

"I would sincerely recommend this class to any designer needing that bit of a push to get started and heading in the right direction."
Chris Piedra
Director of UX at Integra Connect 🇺🇸
"I found it extremely beneficial to see a community of people working through their process and I’m so thankful for the content."
Mary Gower
Freelance UX Designer 🇺🇸
“Jan's compassion greatly helps alleviate the stress of the portfolio-building exercise. I’m glad I chanced upon the program!”
Shilpi Dewan
Conversation Designer at Intuit 🇺🇸
"Thank you, Jan. Taking your class was really helpful for me to get a new job. I’m super thankful!"
Jenna Kang
Senior Product Designer at Riiiid! 🇰🇷
"Thanks so much for putting this class together Jan. I truly appreciate your thoughtful feedback, advice and encouragement."
Steven Weigh
Senior Designer at Cross Compass 🇯🇵
"Jan's feedback was clear, practical, and specific. I walked away with concrete action items that I could implement."
Emilia Totzeva
UX Designer at Centene Corporation 🇳🇱
"The community is very helpful to keep transparency and open communication between students. It also helped me to trust my storytelling skills and developing my writing habit."
Humberto de Sousa
Lead Designer at Hoop 🇺🇸
"The community helped us go faster and further together. I thank Jan for all the hard work and I hope other people can have this experience!"
A Jung Lim
UX Designer at Isobar 🇫🇷

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The next intake is expected to open in November. Membership is $49 per month.

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"Go for it. It's great. Love taking part, joining the calls and being part of the community."
Alex Chan-Perryman
Product Designer at AKQA 🇳🇱

Meet Your Facilitator

Jan Haaland
UX Consultant at Webstep 🇳🇴

I was lucky to discover my passion at an early age, designing my first website in 1996 (fan site for a punk rock-band called The Clash.)

As a professional, I’ve been at it for over 12 years. Working in agencies, huge corporate companies, co-founded a studio, and now (in my final from) as a consultant.

In 2015 I founded Case Study Club (16.000+ members strong) and I've been lucky to have made life-long connections to some amazing people.

I love helping designers on their journey to becoming their best self. I hope I'll get the opportunity to be working with you.


Will there be a cost to joining Case Study Club Pro?
Yes, there's a cost if you choose to accept your invitation to join. For new members the cost is currently $147/qtr or $297/yr. You can cancel anytime or get your money back within our generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is this a course or what?
It started out as a course on building a UX portfolio. However, after asking participants what they really needed, the answer was community, accountability and support. You'll still get all the lessons from the course included, but the new format has a more immersive and collaborative approach. I'm designing this as I would design any other product, which means it will continue to evolve and improve over time.

Should I start from scratch or modify what I already have?
I’d say keep everything you’re happy with and modify the rest. If it’s already working for you the way you intended, then you’re set. Implement what you’ve picked up that could improve your current state. Unlike movies, the second version of your portfolio often makes better sequences.

I don't feel like I have enough "good" work... Can I still join?
A lot of designers think they need 10x projects in their portfolio. That's not true. In fact, some of the most successful UX portfolios I've seen only have ~2-3 projects. It's how you present your work and position yourself that matters.

One of my jobs in this community is to help you find out what makes your work unique and what to focus on. You don't need a massive project, spanning from A – Z. It could be parts of a project, say you make a case study about how you got from E – F. Everything will become clear once you see the approach.

What if I join and don't like it, can I get my money back?
After you've accepted your invitation and joined Case Study Club Pro, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it for whatever reason, I'll refund you every cent. No problem!

Have Questions?

Feel free to email me anytime jan@casestudy.club. Always happy to hear from you!

All the best,
Jan from Case Study Club

Become a Pro Member

The next intake is expected to open in November. Membership is $49 per month.

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