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What Is a Design Sprint? 5 Case Studies Explaining the Fundamentals

November 26, 2018

Design Sprint is a process that utilize time-constraints to get from an idea to a fully working prototype in just a few days.

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The term was originally coined by Jake Knapp in the sprint book, together with John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz.

It came to life while working at Google Ventures and borrows key principles from the agile process used in software development.

The main function of a design sprint is to skip the most time consuming steps (building and launching) in the product design process, to validate your idea. It's being used in many different design disciplines from UX sprints to brand sprints.

Below you'll find 5 case studies covering design sprint examples that explains the fundamentals


How Lego Improved Their Design Culture by Incorporating the Design Sprint Process

Jonathan Courtney from AJ & Smart shares his story as a design sprint facilitator at LEGO. Why they needed a change and how they incorporated the design sprint process into their culture.

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New York Times Building

What Happened When New York Times Ran 13 Design Sprints At Once

Jake Knapp, the author of the sprint book, shares his experience of running a design sprint on a large scale. 13 at once to be exact.

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Sprinting Man

What's the Difference Between Design Thinking and Design Sprints?

Jonathan Courtney explains the difference between design thinking and design sprints using explicit, yet entertaining metaphors.

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Google Building

Examples of Different Types of Sprints Used Inside of Google

Google Design have collected a set of case studies showcasing the different use of the process. From internal teams at Google to non-profit organizations.

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Sprinting Up Stairs

How a Designer Improved His Ux Process by Learning How to Run Design Sprints

Vasil Nedelchev shares his story of how he got from pixel pushing to design strategic wizardry. The key is to continually adapt to the challenges at hand.

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