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5 Great Case Studies of Big Brands Evolving

May 11, 2023

In the past few years we've seen a lot of big brands evolve into something new. The rebranding case studies listed below all show their new strategic brand direction.

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Changing a brand is a huge risk and is not something that is done without a reason. There's a lot at stake and when done incorrectly, will have big consequences.

It's a powerful move that can reposition them in both new and existing markets. When done right, they'll be stronger than ever and earn peoples trust.

In the case studies listed below well see that some are more bold and daring than others, yet everyone is considered to be a success.

Below you'll find 5 big brand case study examples that happened in the past few years

Mailchimp logo before and after


The most unexpected rebrand and probably "top 10 all-time weirdest rebrands in history". That last part was a joke, but it points out the significance of Mailchimp's new brand.

It is done by no other than Collins, who is probably one of the leading disrupting branding agencies right now.

They were responsible for the new Dropbox rebrand that happened in 2017. Both rebrands resemble somewhat in its illustrative style, but the new Mailchimp brand looks simpler (and easier to manage). Only a single primary color and typographic style. Whereas with Dropbox they went all out on color and typography.

Case Study Club is using MailChimp for its mailing list, and I just love the new brand. It is beautifully implemented across the board. The overall experience of the service just feels great. Well done!

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Uber logo before and after


Ever since the failed 2016 rebrand and their internal struggles, we've been waiting for this. A much needed and somewhat expected rebrand from Uber finally happened in 2018.

With the help of Wolff Olins (Brand Agency) and Jeremy Mickel (Type Designer), they've made themselves a solid (re)starting point. It appeals to the masses and communicates trust: a safe bet and a good move.

They need all the trust they could get right now, and only time will tell to see if they'll be able to rebuild the Uber brand.

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Typeform logo before and after


Making forms fun. That's precisely what the new Typeform brand communicates.

With the help of Design Studio, they've narrowed their focus down to be more human-centric. Their new quirky visuals show vulnerability and release emotional empathy within the user.

As for distinguishing themselves from competition, this is without question a great move. Typeform also used this opportunity to position themselves towards creatives.

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Dunkin logo before and after


Short and sweet.. With this new brand, they're positioning themselves towards coffee — a much bigger appeal.

They keep the typography but enhances its playfulness. The brand name changes add to it all, as you can see in the case study below.

A well-done rebrand and natural evolution.

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Ogilvy logo before and after


A legend gets rebranded. Collins (Brian Collins, former COO of brands at Ogilvy) once again delivers a masterpiece.

Although not as bold or different as they usually do it, in this rebrand, Collins focus on the heritage. Turning the new Ogilvy logo into a classic mark.

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