How to Create a UX Portfolio and Get Your
Next Big Opportunity

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What is it?

The simple fact is that creating your portfolio (in isolation) is hard.

You start off bursting with energy, planning it all out and then at one point you get stuck. Hesitation and procrastination strike.

Or maybe you just need an accountability partner to get shit done.

I've been there myself, multiple times.

My first "get-a-job" portfolio served its purpose helping me get a foot in the door.

I had to carry around a printed version back then. Knocking on doors, laying it out on the table and present on the spot. It was brutal!

Since then, I've had my fair share of portfolios. All trying to achieve the same thing.

Scoring jobs, getting hired or simply just looking for the next big opportunity.

That's what we all want right? To practice what we know and get paid (well) doing so.

The problem is that when it's for ourselves, we turn into the worst designer in the world (for some mysterious reason).

It's different. It's personal. Our expectations are enormous!

All of a sudden we're in charge of everything, even the writing. The sort of writing that grabs peoples attention and emerges them in great experiences.

That's exactly what we want our portfolio to be.

An engaging and entertaining piece of story. How we got from point A to point B in our work. What makes you – YOU.  And what value you can bring to the table.

That's where the UX Portfolio Masterclass comes in.

Guiding you to tell your story, grab peoples attention and get your next big opportunity in UX.

This class
will help you

Get your next big opportunity in UX
Create an industry standard UX portfolio website
Build compelling case studies
Position yourself with confidence
Establish an online presence
Connect with other designers
Get personal guidance from a mentor

Who's it for?

Professionals taking your existing portfolio to the next level.
Designers transitioning into UX from other fields.
Students looking to break
into the UX industry.
Freelance designers who want to up their game.

“Thanks so much for putting this class together Jan. I truly appreciate your thoughtful feedback, advice and encouragement.

Having your objective voice guide what is a messy, difficult process helped enormously in shaping it into something presentable to the world – something I’ve struggled to write for a long time.”

S. Weigh
(Transitioning from branding)

What's inside?

Private Slack group with discussions, feedback and social interaction with like-minded designer friends.

Live group call and portfolio review with industry-leading designers (with Ales Nesetril in season 2).

Dedicated student login for all the class material, delivered in bite-sized video format.

Class overview

01. Introduction

1 Video

What to expect and how to make the most of this class.

02. Setting Your Focus

4 Videos

Find your focus and position yourself with confidence.

03. Case Study Framework

7 Videos

Make sense of any messy design process and turn it into a well explained story.

04. Portfolio Website Setup

5 Videos

Launch your UX portfolio website (including a free Webflow template).

05. Job Pitching & Marketing

5 Videos

Set yourself up for your next big opportunity in UX.


What's Included?

UX Portfolio Video
Private Slack
Webflow Portfolio
& Templates
Personal 1-1 Portfolio
Video Review
Certificate Upon
Free Future

About the mentor

Oh hey there. My name is Jan and I’m a UX design consultant from Norway. I was lucky to discover my passion at an early age, designing my first website in 1996 (wow, that's almost a whole lifetime).

As a professional, I’ve been at it for over 10 years now. Working in agencies, huge corporate companies, and even freelancing. The whole shebang.

Since 2015 I’ve also been running Case Study Club; a curated gallery of the best UX case studies found online. During the years of running this site, I’ve been asked to review both portfolios and case studies.

I’ve also been running several surveys to find out what designers like you need help with. There was a clear pattern; an opportunity to provide you with valuable insights.

That’s why I created the UX Portfolio Masterclass. To help you get your next big opportunity, using all my insights and learnings from reading hundreds of case studies and talking with industry-leading UX designers.

Hope to see you inside!

Jan from Case Study Club

Frequently asked questions

I already have a portfolio with case studies. Should I start from scratch or modify what I already have?
I’d say keep everything you’re happy with and modify the rest. If it’s already working for you the way you intended, then you’re set. Implement what you’ve picked up that could improve your current state. Unlike movies, the second version of your portfolio often makes better sequences.

Are we heading to build an actual website to launch?
The idea is that you should have a website to (soft) launch with at least one completed case study. That way you’re making incremental improvements, instead of waiting for the perfect moment (or until you’ve finished it all). Now, you’ll be kickstarted into action.

I don't feel like I have enough "good" work...
A lot of designers think they need 10x projects in their portfolio. That's not true. In fact, some of the most successful UX portfolios I've seen only have ~3 projects in it. It's how you present your work and position yourself that matters.

One of my jobs in this class is to help you find out what makes your work unique and what to focus on. You don't need a massive project, spanning from A – Z. It could be parts of a project, say you make a case study about how you got from E – F. Everything will be clear once you see the approach.

“The CSC UX Portfolio Masterclass was a great way to kickoff the enormous project that is our design portfolios. Jan was knowledgable on the topics and felt experienced in this field.

He did a great job keeping us in-check and accountable so we could accomplish at least a portfolio baseline for us to build upon, which was certainly one of my biggest goals from this class.

He kept the class moving quickly to establish momentum, but still flexible enough if "life" happened and you needed more time, since most of us are working designers.

Overall, I would sincerely recommend this class to any designer needing that bit of a push to get started and heading in the right direction.”

(Bearded Fellow)

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"Thank you, Jan. Taking your class was really helpful for me to get a new job. I am super thankful for your class."
— Jenna Kang

"The portfolio review was incredibly helpful because I was able to learn from all the different student work"
— Joanne Achin

"The feedback from Jan on Slack was timely and encouraging. The live portfolio review with Ales Nesetril had tons of great info too. "
— Steve Saunders

"The case study framework is superb. I followed the sample and constructed my own. It's clear and organized."
— Toni Zhang